Scalable Cache Management for ISP-operated Content Delivery Services


Content delivery networks (CDNs) have been the prevalent method for the efficient delivery of content across the Internet. Management operations performed by CDNs are usually applied only based on limited information about Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks, which can have a negative impact on the utilization of ISP resources. To overcome these issues, previous research efforts have been investigating ISP-operated content delivery services, by which an ISP can deploy its own in-network caching infrastructure and implement its own cache management strategies. In this paper, we extend our previous work on ISP-operated content distribution and develop a novel scalable and efficient distributed approach to control the placement of content in the available caching points. The proposed approach relies on parallelizing the decision-making process and the use of network partitioning to cluster the distributed decision-making points, which enables fast reconfiguration and limits the volume of information required to take reconfiguration decisions. We evaluate the performance of our approach based on a wide range of parameters. The results demonstrate that the proposed solution can outperform previous approaches in terms of management overhead and complexity while offering similar network and caching performance.

IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications