A Multimodal Localization Framework Design for IoT Applications


Multiple Radio Access Technology (multi-RAT) communication with Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) significantly increases the flexibility of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Location-based services that build upon such a multimodal communication architecture are able to switch to an optimal localization method depending on the constraints of the active wireless technology. Furthermore, the resulting location estimate can aid location-based handover mechanisms to reduce the energy consumption of a multi-RAT IoT device. In this research, we present our design of a multimodal localization framework and illustrate the benefit of such a framework with two IoT use case examples. For the first use case, valuable artwork is tracked during transportation to a museum. In the second use case, we monitor the usage and location of large construction tools. Finally, we propose how our localization framework can be improved to deal with implementation challenges and to reduce location estimation errors.

MDPI Sensors