Title: Bluetooth-based self-managed mesh networks for next-generation sustainable sensing
Funding agency: imec.icon
Start date: May 1, 2019
Project duration: 2 years

With its long-range extensions and meshing capabilities, Bluetooth Low Energy version 5 (BLEv5) positions itself as the leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology for smart buildings. BLEv5 mesh networks can enable smart lighting, while the mesh backbone itself can serve as a trustworthy carrier for diverse sensing and actuation devices or even as a supplier of wireless power to batteryless end devices. To unlock this potential, there is a need for autonomous mesh network management capable of dealing with more diverse traffic requirements. There is a need for more energy awareness in the protocols and advances in wireless power transfer. These are exactly the areas where the BLUESS project will innovate, leading to an autonomously managed BLE mesh network that is able to fulfill service level agreements towards third party BLE devices, that considers energy limitations and even serves as a power source.